Enzo & Co Inc., (“ENZO MILANO©”) extends this Limited Warranty to the original end-use purchaser of selected ENZO MILANO products* or the person receiving a product as a gift, provided that the ENZO MILANO Product was purchased from an Authorized Dealer as defined below. The Limited Warranty does not extend to any other person or transferee. Statutory or common law may provide additional rights or remedies that vary from state to state, and country to country, which are not affected by this Limited Warranty.


“Authorized Dealer” – Means any distributor, reseller or retailer that was duly authorized by ENZO MILANO at the time of the sale to sell authentic ENZO MILANO products in the jurisdiction where it sold the product, and that sold the product in new, unused condition in its original packaging.

“Fraud or Misrepresentation” means misrepresenting any fact related to a warranty claim to ENZO MILANO, including the nature of the defect, whether the Product was purchased from an Authorized Dealer, and the authenticity of the Product. Any representation of a claimed Manufacturing Defect that was known to be caused completely or partially by:

(a) any use other than Intended Use

(b) Transportation, neglect, misuse or abuse by anyone


(a) within a home or dwelling or in salon,

(c) in conformity with all applicable local, state or federal law, code or regulations (including without limitation building and/or electrical codes), (d) in accordance with ENZO MILANO recommendations and/or instructions in the materials and documentation that accompany the product, and

(e) if applicable, with proper electrical grounding. Means the lifetime of the product as determined by ENZO MILANO in its sole discretion.


(a) within a home or dwelling or in salon,

ENZO MILANO provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty against Manufacturing Defects for all authentic ENZO MILANO products. If a product contained a Manufacturing Defect when it was purchased from an Authorized Dealer, ENZO MILANO, at its sole discretion, will:

1. Provide a Warranty Credit for the product on the ENZO MILANO online store.

2.The amount of the ENZOcare Credit shall be equal to the purchase price of the product paid to ENZO MILANO or the Authorized Dealer.

3. ENZO MILANO reserves the right to inspect any product subject to a warranty claim to determine, at its sole discretion, whether the claimed defect is a Manufacturing Defect or otherwise.

4. For all defects that are not Manufacturing Defects, ENZO MILANO will provide an Aggressive ENZOuser Credit on the ENZO MILANO online store in the amount of fifty percent (50%) of the purchase price of the Product paid to the Authorized Dealer.

5. All Warranty Credits and Aggressive ENZOuser Credits may be used toward the purchase of any ENZO MILANO Product available on the ENZO MILANO online store.

6. Warranty Credits for ENZO MILANO products may not be used toward any ENZO MILANO Accessories, ENZO MILANO liquid products.

7. Note that ENZO MILANO regularly changes the models, and styles of its products and cannot guarantee the availability of an exact replacement for any product.



ALL SALES ARE FINAL: Exchanges are only permitted within 14 days of receipt, less shipping charges. Customers are responsible for shipping charges incurred in the exchange process. Exchanges are subject to a 20% restocking fee. For exchanges, you will need to go to and follow directions under ENZOcare. Products exchanged that have been open or used are subject to 50% restocking fee. Other restrictions may apply.

For pre-registration to guarantee your lifetime warranty, simply register your product within 30 days of purchase online at Warranty Registration

There are no fees required to register for the lifetime warranty and it is effective immediately. Warranty will only cover manufacturer’s defects and failures of electronic components; no functional heat, switch, faulty swivel cord, excluding normal wear and tear.

It will not cover: scratched barrels due to misuse or misplacement, melted cord (our cords are designed to withstand the heat of all ENZO Milano products), irons that have been dismantled or tampered with, and any type of damage due to moisture i.e., leaving it in bathroom during a shower. To learn more please visit EnzoCare