25c - 25mm Clip X3 Application

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Our 25mm Clip Application is a versatile tool for creating a variety of hairstyles. Its medium-sized barrel produces curls that strike a balance between loose waves and defined curls, making it suitable for many hair lengths and textures. The spring clip provides secure hold while styling, ensuring consistent results with minimal effort. Whether you're aiming for everyday elegance or a polished evening look, this curling iron delivers reliable performance for achieving your desired hairstyle.

25mm Clip

1" Barrel Application

Traditional Clip iron allows you to achieve the classic clip iron looks needed with performance that will exceed expectations.

Product Features

Experience the Difference in Any Size: Precision Control and Performance

ENZO Tourtanium

Coating- Copper + Titanium + Ceramic Coating


Exclusive - 7 layer coating process


Multiple heating cores for rapid even heat

Phantom Lock 3

Invisible locking ultimate strength in connection (B4 Handle)


Allows Cold Touch Tip


Multiple Heating Cores for Superior Heat Distribution, Rapid Recovery Time, and Precise Micro Heat Settings.

ENZO Tourtanium

Tourmaline + Titanium + Ceramic
Delivering even heat and protection to every strand while remaining non-stick and easy to maintain.

Exclusive 7-layer coating process 
Our 7 layer process is what has helped to maximize the combination of durability with performance.


Heat Temperature



Phantom Lock 3

Invisible Lock with Unrivaled Strength and Stability: Secure with Confidence.


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